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About the Artist

Victoria Kieschnick, or Tori, is a disabled artist working in central Colorado. Tori does watercolor painting, acrylic painting, 3D print design, resin work, and whatever strikes her fancy at the moment. Tori has a combination of classical art training and hands on exploration that guides her creativity in unique ways. Tori is autistic and feels that her neurodivergence gives her a unique point of view that sets her work apart.

Before becoming a full time artist, Tori worked for 4 years as a music teacher and freelance painter. After her decline in health, Tori began designing functional art pieces that help meet access needs many disabled people have. Tori is hoping to create a line of fashion ring splints using jewelry resin and special effect pigments that are both beautiful and more affordable than traditional silver splints. Tori has a passion for innovative design that is both functional and fashionable, and her works in progress reflect this.

When she is not painting or designing, Tori enjoys making TikTok content, video games, exploring animal communication using button boards with her standard poodle, and spending quality time with her 3 children.

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